November 15th, 2006

water seeping

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3 Hobbies
[x] Writing and Reading
[x] Watching anime
[x] Playing Games

3 Things on my to-do list
[x] Get into college
[x] See above
[x] Avoid death by homework/coursework

3 Unique traits
[x] Being stronger than I look?
[x] Being more violent than I look?
[x] Patience is my virtue...most of the time...

3 Favourite drinks
[x] Milk
[x] Mango juice
[x] Chocolate Shakes

3 Passions
[x] English language/creative writing
[x] Singing
[x] Video Editing

3 Awesome movies
[x] Treasure Planet
[x] Spirited Away
[x] Ghost in the Shell

3 Good Bands
[x] My Chemical Romance
[x] Goo Goo Dolls
[x] Brobdigian Band

3 Things I am anal about
[x] Punctuality
[x] My stuff in general
[x] Group work

3 Random men
[x] ...Dad?
[x] Zack
[x] ...Johnny Depp (man, random is WEIRD)

3 Bad habits
[x] See icon
[x] Tendency to snap sometimes
[x] Violent

3 Painful experiences
[x] ...HAHA UM NO

3 Treasured memories
[x] The first Mardi Gras in Kodai
[x] Trip to Vinit's house in Bangalore
[x] Meeting Angie

3 Goals before 30
[x] My own house/apartment
[x] Getting rich

3 Biggest Fears
[x] Heights
[x] People
[x] Parents

3 Favourite desserts
[x] Creme boulae? (spelling is definitely wrong)
[x] Chocolate chip stuff in general
[x] Ice-cream

3 People I tag
...nah, up to you. Knock yourself out.

Cried again this week. This stress thing/work is driving me insane.
water seeping

(no subject)

Don't you love it that after a while, your brain simply dies on you and you can't get any work done?

The weekend can't come soon enough.