December 17th, 2006

water seeping

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Just so you know, I am still on hiatus.

I just...happen to have internet connection in our room. Score!

However, I must ninja in the morning to use it.

Ah well.

So, what's the drama? I've been hearing such unsettling things lately. I probably won't comment back, but comment here anyway. :D
water seeping

I'm just trying the save the world for you...

This fic works under that weird JLA comic that Mr. Beverley gave me for Christmas. Anyway, Superman wasn't found by the Kents, therefore the world had no Superman. Lex becomes President, Robin and Batgirl die in front of Batman [thanks to Joker], Batman murders Joker, most of the JL are disillusioned and in hiding, suddenly superheroes are vanishing, there's a forcefield around the Earth, Bruce steps out of his isolation to help the JLA, rescue mission, Jimmy apparently was a cloned Kryptonian [plus slightly insane], Big fight battoru between Bruce and Jimmy, SOMEHOW they find Kal-el [sheer conincidence], Jimmy kills Kal-el's parents, ANOTHER BATTORU, Jimmy coughs it and Superman is born. 

Well, technically. 

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The idea of a new, totally unfamiliar Superman joining the JL actually sounds pretty damn fascinating. Expect more later...much later...
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