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I come to pimp


is an awesome site which has full episodes and whatnot and if you download the veoh player (a p2p program), you can download tons of episodes off the site (currently, I'm downloading some of Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans XD). While the selection is okay, it's great when finding stuff you couldn't find earlier. CHECK IT OUT.


Flash: So it's Flash Appreciation Day! And my mom is going to be there. But it'll be great if the one of the original seven could make it. Though I would understand if you guys were too busy.
Batman: ...
Batman: ...
Batman: [sigh] What time.
Flash: [perks up] So you're coming?! That's great! You're a stand up guy Bats. Don't let anyone call you a crazed loner.
Batman: [siiiiiiiiigh]

[after Flash leaves]
Helmet!Guy: What an idiot. I can't believe you let him manipulate you like that.
Batman: [silent GLARE OF DOOM]
Helmet!Guy: ....I'll shut up now.

Batman: You're an Amazon Princess and I'm a rich kid with issues. Lots of issues.

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