January 9th, 2007

water seeping

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My dad's friends should come home more often. They do a good job of convincing my dad to pay for my education.

Life has been rather dreary for me today. I blame it on the weather and the fact ecosystems class fell flat for me. Also, I kinda spoiled myself on some Count Cain spoilers. (I was this close to crying. Damn you Kaori Yuki). Truthfully, I feel like going on an anime spree and kind of drown myself in something interesting for once. I also am itching to get some writing done (fic ideas bounce around but they have no place to land).

My dreams are getting rather weird too. I keep thinking that I have half vision and I couldn't see people clearly. It's depressing because I want to see them and I keep thinking that I know them, but I can't see them.

[sigh] I need sleep. Or something.

Actually, I want my Princess Tutu DVDS. Cough it up guys. Princess Tutu will make everything better.
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