January 27th, 2007

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Why Enchanted Arms is awesome

Atsuma - So, you're coming right? Touya?
Touya - All right. Just this once.
Makoto - Touya, you don't have to go if you don't want to
Touya - Well, he can be a little selfish sometimes, but he wouldn't be Atsuma if he wasn't. Besides, it's kinda cute
Makoto - [rage] I wish you'd call me cute!
Atsuma - Hehe, jealous Makoto?
Makoto -  [RAGE]


TFC Member - He's a freak! He's probably buttering up Kou-sensei!
AAA Member - Why is he even in this school? He's probably going to suck up all our Ether!
Atsuma - .....
Touya - [Pissed] It's true that Atsuma's arm is weird, but I find people talking behind other people's backs a lot worse
The group - Eep! [Scuttles away]
Atsuma - Thanks Touya...
Touya - For what?


Atsuma - Can I have some? Please?
Makoto - Quit using your puppy dog eyes!

ALSO VIOLA AND I have started an enchanted arms community enchanted_arms cause we're awesome that way. PLEASE JOIN!!
water seeping

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No seriously. The graphics are such love and the dialogue is awesome.

Everyone needs to play this game. AHH why didn't I get a DS earlier?!
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