February 19th, 2007

water seeping

it's spooksville, not springville

Yesterday, I was digging through some books for something to read and I found my old Spooksville series. So, I picked up two of the books and started reading.

I had forgotten why I loved this series so much. Now I remember.

it was the snark. Sally was the undisputed queen of snark..

Sally - Just don't go flirting with her while I'm around
Watch - We'll wait and do it behind your back

Adam - Was it a male monster or a female monster?
Sally - That's a weird question
Watch - I don't know. Personally, I'd rather deal with a male monster any day
Adam - My feelings exactly

Sally - Swim! A shark's coming!
Adam - (asdlhkhlksd;jf)
Cindy - I don't see any shark
Sally - You don't see them until it's too late. Adam! Save yourself!

Watch - I'm sorry.
Sally - You're sorry?! You just murdered my future senior prom date!
Watch - It's a long time till senior year. You might meet someone else you like.

Sally - Yes. I will risk my life to save Adam because my love for him is more powerful than my fear of death.
Watch+Cindy - ...
Sally - I bet you can't say the same thing.

Bum - Where's Adam?
Sally - He's resting. He's had a hard day. But don't worry. He's not turning into an alien monster.
Cindy+Bum - ...
Cindy - Adam, are you sure you're all right?
Adam - Just twisted my ankle.
Sally - He doesn't have a strange infection or anything!
Adam - Would you shut up?
Sally - What? I'm not saying anything.
Adam - The day you don't say anything, the sky will crack open and angels will appear.
Sally - That happened here once.

Adam - We'll worry about that later.
Sally - That's what the scientists who built the first atomic bomb would say to each other when someone asked 'what if we blow up the world?'

Cindy - You know, you've been a pain in the butt all day.
Sally - I am one of mankind's last hopes. I have the right to be a pain in the butt.
Bum - She has a point there.

Adam - What kind of genius are you?
Sally - The kind that doesn't respond well to criticism.

Bum - I'll tell Sally you wasted that guy.
Cindy - Tell her there were ten of them.

I want to go dig up the rest of the books. And read more gay between Watch and Adam, what the hell Pike?