March 7th, 2007

water seeping

the 10 rules to having a good time at a concerto!

Remember these wise sayings well -

1) Always fear the red carpet

Dad:Oh look, we get to walk the red carpet. And we'll be on TV
Dad: :D

2) They have everything. D:

Me: Wow, a restaurant in the club in the hotel--is that a Baskin Robbins ice-cream stand
Dad: It's free
Me: I love God. Er, I mean you.

3) Always utilize the backstage passes. They are priceless.

Me: So, you're telling me we could have met the Rolling Stones with our backstage passes.
Dad: Yeah.
Me: ...Any reason you didn't tell us this DURING the concert?
Dad: Whoops?
Me: ...

4) All big stars are shy at heart. Really.

Us: *waiting for big impressive speech*
Richard Clayderman:
Richard Clayderman:
Richard Clayderman:
Richard Clayderman: ...hi?
Us: :D

5) All the BIG stars are Gay.

Me: Are you saying Tom Cruise is gay?
Dad: Yes. And Orlando Bloom.
Me: No way.
Dad: Way. And Robbie Williams.
Dad: Did you see his latest video?
Me: No.

[a few minutes later]
Me: Yeah. He's gay.

6) Getting autographs is actually lots of fun.

Me: [after getting Right Said Fred's signature] ...He wrote "You're too sexy"

7) But meeting famous people isn't quite as awesome as people make it out to be.

[party in the house]
Me (7 years old): STFU
[later the next morning]
Dad: You do realize you yelled at the most influential stars of Bollywood?
Me: ...Oh.
Dad: And you yelled at Shaan.

8) Avoid Bollywood shootings.

Director: [cut! take 200] Okay, do that same step again!
Me: ...D:

9) Apply 8th rule to movie premieres.

Me: How many times did they play the Spiderman theme song again?
Dad: According to John Abraham, fourty-seven.
Me: He counted?!

10) Never wear high heels for rock concerts. It always backfires on you.

Me: [at the Rolling Stones concert] my legs....they ache...

Maybe more later. :D Was digging through some old CDs, so this demanded a reminiscence post. XD Everything in the post is the truth and nothing but the truth!