March 9th, 2007

water seeping

wow, you ARE strong!

Did I mention my love for Sky High?

It came on TV today. And as always, I fell for it.

Will - So my girlfriend became my arch rival, my arch rival became my best friend and my best friend became my girlfriend.
Will - Ah well. That's high school.

Will - When you see my dad, you think, "Cool, he has super strength!"
Will - I think, "Oh God, he's wearing tights."

Gwen - I went through puberty twice for THIS?!

Gwen - That's right. My mother wasn't "Royal Pain". I was.
Will - ...Ew, I made out with an old woman

There's tons more of awesome quotes (especially by Leila, but I can't remember all of them)

Now, must look for OT3 icons [scuttles away]
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