June 5th, 2007

water seeping


So, wasted yesterday by playing old Disney games [which I still suck at. Damn you Thebes!], watching new animes and trying to get those plotbunnies working again. Updated paperbackauthor and will probably add more updates each day.

ANYWAY. New animes.

Sisters of Wellber - I found out about this anime through the pretty pictures in my japanese Animage magazine. After much searching, I found three episodes, downloaded and started watching.

WOW, this anime is incredibly fast-paced in the first episode.

Rita - [stabittystab]
Gernia - [PWNED]
Galahad - [enters room]
Galahad -
Galahad -
Tina - [at the WRONG place at the WRONG time]

So far, it's okay. The animation is nifty, the music is also nice. There's a talking TANK A.I [no real explanation for the tank though] whose name is Volji, a fairy.

But the only reason I'm watching the series is because Galahad is awesome and I highly suspect [since, technically, he's a bad guy?], he will have a severe angst moment [he had one of those when Gernia got stabbed]. Other than that, the humour is light and fun and doesn't have a strong depressing overtone. This will be my time-pass anime.

I just hope Gernia isn't dead yet. DDD:

Latest Bleach manga spoilers -

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Still completely behind D.Grayman. Ah well. Tsubasa is still following its emo route. >.> I need happier manga to read.