June 13th, 2007

water seeping

scouring the youtube seas

So, I went around watching random Princess Tutu AMVs. Needless to say, I really, really love my fandom sometimes.

Princess Tutu Bloopers for Episodes 1-5
Princess Tutu Bloopers for Episodes 6-10

Excerpt -
Mytho: Princess Tutu came...and touched me.
Fakir: The same place I touched you? Bitch.

Rue: Were you looking for Mytho?
Ahiru: Yeah.
Rue: Do you need him for something?
Ahiru: Yeah, I need your boyfriend.

Bring Mytho to Life = It's so...apt. XD But still an awesome video, despite the Evanescence generic song.

Lord of the Shards: Return of the King = GUESS WHO SMEAGOL IS? :DDDD

Panic! At the Disco Tutu Style =  I.I  dunno. It's ADDICTIVE. DD:

Epic Symphony
= I heart this video. Trans-Siberian Orchestra goodness!

Call of the Siren = Creepy AU video.


Hold Me Now = If you don't watch any of the videos, AT LEAST WATCH THIS. SERIOUSLY. D-Dance battoru!

= Bittersweet, but incredibly well done.


Ouran Love Medley= WHUT. It fits so WELL.

REAL LIFE LINK = I don't know whether to be bemused or horrified. I'll settle for bemused for now. :D

Kingdom Hearts II The Musical Trailer
= Knowing Japan, this is probably not a hoax. Dancing ORG members! XDD

Phoenix Wright Suzumiya Haruhi Style = With sound effects of course.

Bohemian Rhapsody: YGO Tribute = Best video or bestest VIDEO?! YOU BE THE JUDGE

SIDE NOTE = Horseback battles are a bitch.