July 5th, 2007

water seeping

previously on Zelda Twilight Princess

Recently in the Lakebed Temple *cough*WaterTemple*cough*, Link finds himself in an empty room. Now, everyone knows that empty rooms are always a BAD SIGN.



Link: [walks in carefully]
Me: [all senses on alert]
Midna: There's something strange about this room.
Me: Thank you Navi.
Link: [looks up]
Link: [spots giant toad]
Link: WTF [runs!]
Me: Oh shi-
Link: [flattened under toad]
Giant Toad: :DDDD
Me: ....

And thus I continue to hurt myself in this temple. HATE.
water seeping

digging up Armada videos. I love youtube.

Transformers Armada will always be my favourite series because everything you knew about Autobots and Decepticons is TURNED ON IT'S HEAD.

Tribute to Starscream - Starscream in Armada is completely different to Starscream in the other series. For one, he's completely isolated and mocked amongst the Decepticons and in one mission, Megatron completely abandoned him, causing Starscream to join the Autobots. The poor guy was manipulated over and over again until his loyalities became a huge mess.

Transformers Armada: Past II (1/2)
Transformers Armada: Past II (2/2) - I need to find Past I. This is the episode where Hotshot emos, his ex-fanboy becomes his enemy, his new fanboy is a bit of an idiot and Blurr and Optimus are completely useless. >.> HONESTLY BLURR.

but last couple of minutes is awesome.

Sideswipe: I think somebody needs a hug!

Transformers Armada Tribute - This video is okay?

Transformers Armada Episode 26 (1/3)
Transformers Armada Episode 26 (2/3)
Transformers Armada Episode 26 (3/3) - Did I ever mention my deep love for Jetfire?

Jetfire: Yes, that's me! Optimus' right hand man. I'm practically a superhero! Feel free to applause.
Hotshot: Yeah, he'll be signing autographs later.
Alexis: Well, he certainly doesn't have a confidence problem.

Blurr: The great tactician Thrust. I've heard of him.
Hotshot: Yeah! ...well I haven't...

Jetfire: Leave everything to me [leaves]
Alexis:  He sure isn't like Optimus
Jetfire: [peeks back] By the way, don't tell Optimus about this okay? NOW LEAVE IT ALL TO ME [leaves]
Everyone: [SIGH]

Decepticon Tribute - I love this video.

Hotshot Video
- Oh Hotshot~

I'm torrenting the rest of the series. I was lucky enough to find a torrent. :D