August 6th, 2007

water seeping

storm hawks fic - trust and wishes

"Sometimes, I wonder why you stay," Cyclonis murmured in his ear. He doesn't even twitch. He's too loyal for that. She appreciates the gesture by moving away and giving him space.

"You will reward me for my loyalty," the Dark Ace replied, "I have to bide my time."

"Yes, we're both very good at that," She twirls the staff in her hands. Sometimes people forget what's she like. They only forget once.

"But at the moment, for that brief moment of bravery," her eyes flashed, "I will reward you with something. Anything. Wish it and you will have it!"

He starts. He hadn't expected this. She admires him for that. He's a strange one, motivations unknown, but trust...ah, the trust was strong between them.

"I want priority in destroying the Storm Hawks," he said immediately, "That is all."

She smirks and the tip of her staff gleams with terror, "Storm Hawks you say. Not Storm Hawk. The boy, right?"

He answers her smirk with his own, "The boy has something I need to crush out of him. Give it time. But I will finish the job."

It works well in her favour, even if vendettas can be damaging at times. She would know about that too.

"Very well. If he so much as sneezes in my direction, you'll be the first there to do what you like. And I would enjoy a full report later."

"Of course Master," but his eyes were elsewhere as if picturing a scenario to his liking. His love for terror is something. That boy is good, but in the sight of obsession, he better start praying.

Cyclonis smiles. She really did love her subordinate at times.