September 16th, 2007

water seeping

"take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand"

I love the fact that when I watch Justice League Unlimited, there are no bad episodes. I mean. Even in animes, you get a "oookay lukewarm" episode or "filler blegh" episode. Almost always. But every episode of Justice League/Unlimited?  MAKES ME HAPPY. Even if it focuses on characters I don't really know or read about. I-I just. love them for being that awesome with dialogue and plot development. It works in such a beautiful way that I want Bruce Timm to marry me.

ASIDE from  my burning love for Bruce Timm and Paul Diny.  FANFIC PROMPTS for STORM HAWKS. Because fandom has FAILED me.

So I am accepting fanfic requests! HIT ME HARD.  I'm already planning a

1) Aerrow as a Talon!fic
2) Starling discovering the Red Streak!fic
3) Finn and Junko's first meeting!fic
4) Piper's early crystal research!fic
5) Radarr breaks into the galley!fic
6) Stork's boobytraps!fic which will conincide with Finn touching stuff!fic

Any other takers?