November 16th, 2007

water seeping

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So, despite not getting essays done, I  am scarily zen. I should at least get english done. Hopefully Film. I don't give a damn about history anymore. My dad didn't sound so good on the phone.

CFUD post with Virgil. It's good that I did it. I-I was getting the feeling that he was getting harder to play. Which is bizarre because when I first got Aerrow, I had such major issues with his voice. Now that I've kinda settled him in, it's Virgil's voice that gives me issues. WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN TWIST OF AFFAIRS.

But anyway, I have reached some point in my life where apathy is me. Which is terrible. But I can live with that.

Also, life has gotten lonely because I have no friends on campus. Which doesn't bother me, but some part of me tells me it should :(