November 22nd, 2007

water seeping

"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell"

Okay, update on life.

1) I am suffering from a disease known as "apathy". Can't get work done. Had several breakdowns this week concerning that.
2) MIGHT be anemic. Again, has spoken to counselor, got medication. B-But I might have to take bloodtest. T__T HAET  NEEDLES OKAY.
3) My English teacher is made of win and is helping me get deferrals on my papers. I MIGHT NOT FAIL MISERABLY AFTER ALL.
4) Still have that feeling of extreme...dedness. SOB.
5) ...........I'm getting app dreams. Make them stop (I-I can't app 'em all! GET A CLUE BRAIN)
6) Hugs are good. :(
8) Dark Ace x Piper makes me want to cry (WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME FANDOM. I LET YOU HAVE YOUR ASSBABY THEORY)
water seeping

Legion of Superheroes SQUEE

I've been recapping Legion of Superheroes cartoon (which I had huge doubts on BUT NOT ANYMORE)

  • Brainy is SO VERY GAY FOR SUPERMAN. REALLY. It's not even funny.
  • Lightning Lad will always be a douche, but I love him anyway
  • I love his brother too. THE HUG SOCUTE
  • A-Ayla
  • AHAHAAH KAL-EL. You're such a...BATMAN.
  • BRAINY FANTASIZES HIS DEATH SCENE WITH SUPERMAN. With tears. And shoujo smiles. A-And handholding. OH BRAINY.
  • oh Kal-el. You fail on so many levels.
I would squeal a lot more, but I'M UNSURE HOW HIGH MY GEEK LEVELS WILL RISE.