January 27th, 2008

water seeping

Music pimp!

Because I haven't done one of these in a while. :D Also, with dad being out of the music business, I have a clean conscience!

(it's so weird trying to buy music, guys)

Jon Secade and Shanice - If I never knew you
-I got this from Disney's best love songs. While I had a lot of favourites, this one really stuck with me the best. And well, disney does love songs the best.

Ashlee Simpson - La La
-I beat Elite Beat Agents! And I also kinda fell in love with Ashlee Simpson's pop songs. Sue me, she's catchy, upbeat and got a mean edge to her voice that I totally approve of.

Basement Jaxx and Linda Lewis - Close Your Eyes
-First thing I did when I finished Vexille, was to hunt for the soundtrack. I got lucky. This soundtrack is a nice mixture of techno, pop and the occassional melancholic tones. This is from the opening with Vexille and Leon and possibly my favourite song out of the whole soundtrack.

Julia Kent - Idlewild

-do you love violins? I do. And Julia Kent does some fantastical work with the violin. She's no Apocalyptica, but she brings her own sort of rhythm and temperament to the music.

Le petit prince - Adieu
-trufax: I honestly prefer French musicals to english ones. Le Petit Prince was kinda discovered by accident, but this one song kinda catapulted me into hunting for the rest. Sad, soothing and oddly nostalgic voice of the book that brought me to tears.

Edith Piaf - La vie on rose
-if you do not already have this song, download it now otherwise I'm disowning you :|

Eiko Shimamiya - Higurashi no naku koro ni

-I'm picky about Eiko's stuff, but this one is the best really. She uses the right mixture of techno and strong vocals to make this song work.

Elton John - Someday out of the blue
-I honestly see this as Virgil and Richie's theme song. That and "Friends never say goodbye". Download it, Elton just a splendid job with this song.

Alan Campbell - Sunset boulevard

-Another musical song! This is bitter and resentful, but Alan Campbell has an enchanting voice and I dunno, this song kinda sticks with you.

The Friendly Indians - I know You know

-the theme song for Psych. I wish it was longer, but ah well. I'm on a Psych high, so I decided to share
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fic - to kill for

(for telrunya )

If there was a God, we left him in the dusty sands of Titan. Aching and breaking men that we were, toiling away in a war that made less sense as each day passed. But there was a point that we realized that God was in fact, Titan itself.

because only God could be so harsh.

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