February 4th, 2008

water seeping

"Ow you hit my leg! my only leg!"

So I watched The Black Cauldron and The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detectives. Now you must hear my thoughts on them. Tough.

  • I LOVED THE BOOKS. I cannot stress HOW MUCH I love the books. And I know the movie got tons of things wrong. That being said? I still loved it.
  • Gurgi. OH GURGI. Definitely the high point. A-All he wanted was his crunchins and munchins, guys. socute.
  • Eilowyn is the girl I wished all princesses were like. KICKASS.
  • the magic amulet = magic sword. Okay. fine. I can get that.
  • ;sdj;djf;sdfjsdf;jsdf;jsdf;sdjf t-the witches were so awesome and so badtouch but that's okay.
  • God, the bit when the Cauldron Born were unleashed? I HAD CHILLS.
  • someone refresh my memory here. Was Fflewddur really old in  the books? That being said, I think it's kinda great that they made him old because you very rarely see old ACTIVE main characters in Disney movies.
  • Creeper was amusing.
  • The Horned King was creepy.
  • Hen Wen is possibly the most awesome pet one can have.
  • The lack of Gwydion and Eilwyr (aka angsty bitter Boromir/Faramir clone) is saddening, but I expect they'll show up in a live movie in the near future, so I'm not terribly hung up about it.
  • God, the last fifteen minutes. I cried. I cried so HARD. shut up I'm a wuss, especially for Disney
And the Great Mouse Detective
  • Wow. Basil is an ass. I didn't expect this!
  • Oliva was cuter and I liked her a lot more than I expected.
  • Dawson is kinda hilarious.
  • RATIGAN. There are no appropriate WORDS to how fabulous that rat was. Because he BLEW MY MIND.
  • I kinda like the peg-leg bat.
  • okay. OKAY. So I saw the secrets on FS about Ratigan/Basil. And. AND.  I get what they're saying. The panel where Ratigan cups Basil's chin and leering in? P-Priceless.
  • The clockwork tower scene was beautiful. The animation, the music, the direction, EVERYTHING.
  • GODDAMNIT DISNEY THAT'S MY HEART LEAVE IT ALONE a;dhas;dhasd;asd;h;sdkhas;dk
  • The last bit with Basil stuttering when Dawson was leaving and he was looking so woebegone. I kinda fell in love with it. O Basil you douche.
I'm totally going to make icons later. And then I'm going to clear space on my computer for Heat Guy J (please note this is nekokoban's fault)