February 8th, 2008

water seeping

I'm crying again. but it's happy crying.

Hey thanks for your long letter,

Lets get the facts right......okay you are one weird kid/daughter (!!!), but you haven't let us down in any way at all. We are very proud of you, you have turned out to be a good human being and thats what matters. Of course we also know that you have a gift most don't have and that is of creativity ...use it well. I'm quite sure you will make something of yourself. I always was.

Our constant harping and concern is not you giving us something but your well being and thats why we like all parents we ask questions and get hassled if you don't answer them. PLEASE DO NOT take ANY sleep medicines without consulting a doctor, they are very very addictive. Soon you will find you cannot do without them. Try and avoid pills unless the doctor asks you to. The other thing is if you don't do much physical activity you will always have sleep problems, so try and sort that one out. Being a creative person like my dad, you will have more issues than other non creative types, you have to learn how to handle them and do talk to us about it if not us to anyone who has some sense like a counselor etc. what scares us shitless is the fact you are creative and mostly in your own world, and hence are less capable of handling our outside environment.

So to sum up:
  • Yes we love you
  • No you haven't let us down
  • Yes you are not normal, but if you were you wouldn't write so beautifully!
  • Yes we worry about how you are coping which we don't worry with Nick (However with Nick its another worry, thats how he's going to do in his exams/life...yours was so easy we all know you would write!)
  • Please do not take any sleeping pills or relaxants without medical advice as they are very addictive and they will affect your writing!!!
  • Try and do things and make an effort to reach out to people everyone is not as intelligent and intellectually stimulating as your UWC group but that doesn't mean they do not have anything to offer! Never forget that!
  • Try and do the Mardi Gras with some friends....make an effort to do so even if you bitch about how bad it was for the next five years....
  • DO write one newsy letter to Nick once a month and I'll make sure that he write back! You know why I think this is important, don't throw it away.
I think thats enough for now......hee hee!


My parents are awesome.
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