February 10th, 2008

water seeping

el oh el

Jules: Chief, I want to feel like a woman
Lassiter: No, you can't do that O'hara

SCORE LASSIE. Show those women how it's done XD
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water seeping

"What are you?" "Exhausted"

Rumours about my sleeping have been greatly exaggerated. I stayed up all night watching The Dresden Files. Yes, I know, probably not as great as the books, yadayadayada. The point was, I enjoyed it and that's more than enough reason for me to flail about it.

Mostly, I loved it for Bob.

Oh Bob.

  • The cranky ghost in the skull won me over easily. He's adorable.
  • He's also very attached to Harry and it's socute the way he lectures Harry over every little thing and yet at the same time, totally frets over all the stupid things he does. D'aw
  • oh god episode ten.
  • I...didn't like Murphy. I think this is because I'm so used to awesome cops like Jules and the Chief that I'm biased to all other women cops that aren't as awesome.
  • This does not mean I did not love Susan who was awesome and kicked ass.
  • Hahahaha the raven clan was kinda awesome in the "we're kidnapping this kid to protect. Also, have some whipped cream to go with your banana float >)"
  • I. I do not actually ship Bob/Harry! (though lord knows the fandom does). I like them as the crabby mentor and the unruly apprentice.
  • But I will admit that episode ten was slash fodder. Easily. O-Oh bob.
  • I totally called it in Boone Identity.
  • I really like Morgan! He cares! in his bizarre round-a-bout way.
  • Harry is a martyr. sigh.
  • g-god his uncle is a dick.
  • The idea of a powerful witch hockey stick is totally amusing k.
  • oh BOB. Shut up, I'll never tire of saying it. 
I stopped at episode ten (wibble) and well, might pick it up later. Also, I might compile a post of Storm Hawks fanfic recs since some people were interested in that.