February 20th, 2008

water seeping

I kinda <3 my subconscious.

so miho, did I tell you about this really awesome dream I had today?
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<Aerrow> so miho, did I tell you about this really awesome dream I had today?
<miho[stuuuuff]> ........nope!
<Aerrow> i was dreaming that I was watching a psych episode and for some reason, Shawn and Lassie were making out
<Aerrow> and I was going "omg canon eeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
<Aerrow> and pointing it out to various people
<miho[stuuuuff]> ........
<miho[stuuuuff]> you have Psych on your head
<miho[stuuuuff]> PSYCH HIGH
<miho[stuuuuff]> ..............
<Aerrow> and stuff happens in these episodes and then i realized that the season ended
<miho[stuuuuff]> now I have an image of Psych: High School AU
<Aerrow> but we were getting new mysterious episodes
<miho[stuuuuff]> .....uhuhu~
<Aerrow> ....we have a high school episode o/ XD
<Aerrow> and I woke and thought, "...damnit those episodes don't exist"
<Aerrow> ;;
<miho[stuuuuff]> ............
<miho[stuuuuff]> was there PLOT!!1!
<Aerrow> well, yes I vaguely recall PLOT
<Aerrow> but really I remember they made out and had some very slashy moments
<Aerrow> I am still sad that these episodes don't exist
<miho[stuuuuff]> .........
<miho[stuuuuff]> of course they don't exist
<miho[stuuuuff]> but they do in your head canon, so \o/
<miho[stuuuuff]> ...they made out. WHICH BASE DID THEY GET TO
<Aerrow> ;; but. it was cute and dorky and I wanted it to be real sobaaaaaaaad sadness
<Aerrow> uh, mostly first base, but very hot
<miho[stuuuuff]> .............irc main chan what
<miho[stuuuuff]> ....tongue?
<Aerrow> yes tongue
<miho[stuuuuff]> huuuu
* miho[stuuuuff] pats
<Aerrow> I am still broken up about the NON EXISTENT EPISODES IN MY HEAD
<miho[stuuuuff]> such a great imagination, these young minds
<Aerrow> maybe one day Steve Franks will pull a Kishimoto
<Aerrow> and I'll be happy
<miho[stuuuuff]> ..........
<miho[stuuuuff]> w-what
<miho[stuuuuff]> what's a Kishimoto
<miho[stuuuuff]> how does these relate
<Aerrow> XD
<Aerrow> I was just thinking about all the gay overtones that Kishi puts in his manga
<Aerrow> though to be fair, Psych has tons of gay overtones anyway
<miho[stuuuuff]> ...y