March 25th, 2008

water seeping


How to tell my mom that I have become socially awkward and terrified of people without sounding like a nutcase.

Or like an idiot. BUT THEN AGAIN. That's nothing new.

Mmmm, life. BUT GETTING A FOCUS ON THE SITUATION, meeting my counselor tomorrow I AM GETTING BACK ON TRACK.

In other news, to distract you from my soul-gorging emo (this is a lie. I'm fine guys), I did things! Things that make me happy! Things like watching Slayers Try and Gargoyles! Clearly I must subject you all to my thoughts on this.

  • This show is beautifully EPIC. The music, the character designs, the characters themselves...just astound me. It also has some of the best written dialougue I have seen in a cartoon show yet.
  • SEXY VOICES ARE SEXY. God, Macbeth and Xanatos. Even Goliath's voice was mmmm gorgeous.
  • STUPID SEXY XANATOS (No, Booster, I'm not apping him okay)
  • "It's ALIVE! ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! ...I've always wanted to say that" oh god Xanatos TAKE ME NOW.
  • god Demona. I know the circumstances (some of them) for her hate, BUT GOD WHAT A BITCH.
  • Matt the detective is adorable.
  • Elisa is HOT.
  • "I don't remember explosions in Bambi" o-oh Disney.
  • oh god, I cried for episode eight. I know WHY it was banned, but it seemed odd to ban it at all considering the continuity of the show.
Slayers TRY
  • uhhh
  • What did I just watch? Because that was not Slayers I know. The Slayers I know had EPIC BUILDUPS, well-planned tense battles, and beautiful pacing. WHAT I WATCHED WAS terrible filler episodes, overly dramatic monologues and somewhat CONFUSING PLOT (when a SLAYERS PLOT LOSES YOU you know there's something wrong). It just...didn't sit well with me.
  • I'm one of those weird ones who doesn't like Syphiel...and I didn't like Filia either. I LIKED HER IN THE BEGINNING but. Yeah.
  • Valgaav's existential emo annoyed me. LORD GAAV WOULD KICK YOU IN THE HEAD FOR THAT.
  • THAT BEING SAID, I did actually like Valgaav a bit. A teensy bit.
  • All in all, considering how much I LOVED NEXT BEYOND ANYTHING, Try really fell short of that. I...couldn't care much for it.
  • Xellos being evil again was amazing though.
  • I...will never stop thinking of Bonten as Morpheus. "Choose your destiny, Toki. WILL IT BE ME OR GINSHU"
  • This is like Matrix in Edo.
  • I really, really like the art. I'm usually HORRIBLY picky about this stuff in manga (though not as much as miho is) but the art REALLY appealed to me.
  • my favourite character is Heihachi easily.
  • ...why are there only 22 chapters scanlated on onemanga.
Nabari no Ou
  • That being said, I still enjoyed it! (the premise is still incredibly dumb though)
  • This was one of the few times that I didn't get overly attached to the main character! I did like the girl though
  •, I kept laughing. I LOVE THE FUNNY SCENES AND THE SERIOUS SCENES but. I. simply couldn't take it seriously.
Other stuff I explored, later. Plus, I need to write some fics for people.