April 8th, 2008

water seeping


I had fun lately, revamping some of my icons and removing them (yes, I know I have 142 icons slots, but I feel edgy if I don't icon revamp every once in a while). I'm also somewhat proud of my iconning skills now. I FEEL like I've progressed somewhat beyond being a n00b (I still feel like one though) and getting closer to really experimenting with different things. MOSTLY I'm just having fun and that what counts.

I also signed up for springkink for the first time. Am nervous.  
water seeping


Fandom - Gundam 00
Pairing - Billy x Sumeragi
Summary - "He always stayed, she always left first"

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Fandom - CFUD
Pairing - None. Masayuki + Makoto + Yuta gen
Summary - "Makoto thinks too little"

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Fandom - Godchild
Pairing - Crehador x Sheila
Summary - "And he lets her break him a little. He's paying that much"

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