April 10th, 2008

water seeping

"save me from drowning in the sea/beat me up on the beach"

Tomorrow is the last day of classes.

And I still can't get out of my room without feeling like I'm going to drown.

On the other hand, I spoke to Jeeta today and that helped so much. Goddamn my phone battery for dying.

I feel restless with myself.

EDIT - Then I got an image of Alice being like a rabbit Godzilla and rampaging throughout camp for food, holding Ann Darrow Oz in her hand while Gil flailed a lot, trying to save Oz and do damage control at the same time. Vincent was a dastardly reporter spreading lies about Alice-zilla and how terrible she was (he didn't make up much) and Sharon and Break just sat around having tea.

I love my subconscious.