April 21st, 2008

water seeping

baa baa black sheep

Stoled by inarticulate. Duh

Your mission is this: you give me a pairing (or multiple pairings, if you are feeling particularly generous). I, in meme-like fashion, will respond to you using at least 100 words. In all likelihood, it will be more than 100 words. It can be something I've rambled about before (because my feelings aren't static), it can be something you're honestly curious about my feelings on, it can be something you know I LOATHE LIKE NOTHING ELSE (…I honestly can't think of a pairing I absolutely hate off the top of my head but. you know. YOU MAY KNOW BETTER THAN ME.)

I will beg. I really want to write tons and tons about PAIRINGS and MY THOUGHTS ON YAOI (and yuri and het).


Also guys, I'm going to stay far, far away from anon memes. Please note I love you all, I don't have to be anon to prove it.
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