June 10th, 2008

water seeping

mehmehmehmehmeeeeeeeeeh this is a song I'm sure

  • I'm feeling rather exhausted for no real reason. At least I get a five day break from springkink
  • Revamping Oz's icons...slowly. . The only problem is backgrounds since I can't find one that suits him well enough yet.
  • Finished Season 2 of Doctor Who! I am...oddly weirded out. (I get that it was an emotional break-up of sorts, but the sheer intensity of it really made me wonder if it was necessary).
  • Want Retrace 25 already sob.
  • I've been very bad RP-wise, not picking up threads, being slow etc etc. I feel like I'm letting everyone down and it's making me feel down-ish too.
  • Only my dad can talk about men's menstrual cycles during lunch and not think it odd.