June 18th, 2008

water seeping

Springkink links

Got about four more prompts to do! This is what I've done so far.

Romeo x Juliet, Tybalt/Francisco: hair-grab, sex in a semi-public place - "Before it fell, the city was a filthy place"

Trigun, Wolfwood/Vash, a break from angst - it isn't fair so for a moment he'll forget that

In Essence Only
Mirage of Blaze, Naoe/Kagetora(Takaya): any level of incarnation awareness, (order unimportant) - Mindfuck or psychological dominance games: "Did you think it was over?"

The FireBird
Princess Tutu, Princess Kraehe/Princess Tutu - comforting - "Neither of us can have him / We have each other."

Pandora Hearts, Jack/Alice: half-remembered happiness -- "A present for you, my dear."

Baccano!, Nice/Jacuzzi: tango, "It took some persuading to get Jacuzzi to lead"