July 27th, 2008

water seeping

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I just did the Caramelldansen dance in my room.

Complete with the movements.

And jumping around.

And singing to it.

I was laughing and dorky.

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water seeping

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Dear Timmy,

Please do not
  • suddenly start crying on the dinner table
  • curl up into a ball and cry more
  • worry about what everyone thinks of you
  • worry whether everyone is happy. SOMETIMES IT IS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. Deal with it
  • think about dropping all your characters at CFUD because of some inane reason like "YOU SUCK" or "people deserve better". GET OVER YOURSELF.
  • pester people over your emo and demand attention
  • waste time lazing around. Be more productive
  • cry. Just stop crying.
AND THAT, ladies and gentlemen, sums me up quite well.

Lord, this self-loathing phase is never going away.