August 1st, 2008

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On Trusty Bell - Eternal Sonata-

  • This game is so HARDCORE about ships. I mean. What the hell man.
  • I want sexy captain pirate Dolce back :( She was going to "hang me bare" and god, she was a smoking hot woman. Come back to me sexy captain pirate Dolce!
  • Jazz is a hooker :( quit playing games with my heart Jazz
  • This game has a plot. Except. I have no idea what it is. IT'S THERE. I...THINK?
  • Still, it's very very very very pretty.
  • I like how everyone is SUPER heterosexual in this game.
  • The manga just. sucks. The art is terrible. But I like mocking it for its Allegretto-angst and total lack of coherence.
  • There's no screencaps of sexy captain pirate dolce. :(
I'm on Tristesse. I don't think I have a lot of chapters to go. (I ...MIGHT. How many piano pieces did Chopin do again?)