August 31st, 2008

water seeping

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Speed Racer is not allowed to look hot. He's supposed to look like a girly girl man with the biggest blue eyes (not counting Elijah Wood). :|

On that note, o Speed Racer fandom. Don't ever change.

On an RP note, I'm kinda loving on Klavier and Haruka's relationship that I have no words for because I have no idea what the fuck either of these two are doing. Luckily, grangran shares this feeling and the most we do is "lolololol" ilu grangran.

Latest PH chaterwise. WTF Sharon. WTF. You are amazing. Don't ever leave us.

My life's kinda standstill at the moment. There's not much  to do other than wait for my job to start. I go to the library to read and stuff, but I need to do more than that at the moment. Probably latch onto Toph and Frau one of these weekends to do something.

I'm also, for the first time, poking at other RPs! I'm...not sure of any of them (they...scare me w-what) but hey, it's worth a look.