September 30th, 2008

water seeping

What I learned in school today

Ben 10 and Batman do not mix. Ever.

Also, barnacles are easier to remove than kids and trust me, they really know how to work that guilt factor. Thankfully, I have the next two days off for me to wear it off.

Randomly, after watching speed racer the movie for the...idk insert insane watch count number here time, I FINALLY REALIZED WHERE THE JOHNNY QUEST THEME MUSIC WAS PLACED. I feel so happy ;o;.

Off topic, I've been thinking about people and what people say they are. I don't know if it frankness or obliviousness when people deny things. Like for instance, I'm a hooker kind of person on the internet. I like to do things for my own satisfaction! not to the point where I overshadow everyone else and that's something I really have to keep in mind because I get carried away, but I admit it! I LIKE MAKING MYSELF HAPPY. What's wrong with that? 

Apparently, everything.