October 1st, 2008

water seeping

STUFF! Don't you like a post with STUFF in it?

  • God guys, I kinda love microcosm_rp. It's the right amount of srs with ridiculous and fun and none of us making a BIG DEAL out of sex which is fabulous and g-god it really makes me happy in my happy place.
  • Also Oz/Rufus is my new OTP. THEIR LOVE IS SO...SMEXY? shut up let me be hookerish.
  • Val. OH VAL. He's like the puppy I never got to play. I'm glad I apped him there because I knew I'd never app him at CFUD and it's great to see some Crimson Spell love.
  • I need to do a state of the union for my characters at CFUD. Honestly, I'm weirded out that I have seven and. I don't feel like dropping. At all. It's a bizarre feeling.
  • sob. A POTENTIAL MR. MOSS APPER FOR COUNSELORS. Plus a Gus and Jules and Racer X. I. I don't know what to think of this.
  • I top |D
  • I think I'm finally going to revamp Oz's icons.
  • I've been feeling very prissy lately. Like I've been treated for granted a lot and I still am and I'm getting sick and tired of it. 
  • Also my parents are like, "2 hour limit on the computer!" which made me incredibly angry because my dad went off to play WoW. Gee, thanks dad.
  • I'm so glad I'm working and being productive again.
  • So. I've come to the point where. I can't help thinking my feelings don't matter. THEY SHOULD but I keep quiet. Maybe too much. I prefer seeing other people happy over my own happiness, so I force myself to be the background. Now. I'm not so sure. It's leaving a sour taste in my mouth.
Also, finally pimping recorporated. It's my writing comm and I post pretty much whatever comes to mind. I've got Pandora Hearts, Storm Hawks, Psych, Supernatural, CFUD, Letter Bee, etc stuff on it. No more fic here!