October 7th, 2008

water seeping

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I can has atreideslion 

Yes guys

I am playing LETO ATREIDES THE SECOND on the internet.

Somebody kick me.

In related news, I'm getting better at work-stuff! Though idk if I'm a mix of bad teacher-good teacher. Still, if I have a kid clinging onto me before I go head, crying, "only want you, only want you," I guess...that's...a plus?

I walked home today in the rain and kept thinking about life, the universe and y'know, if there were any donuts left at home. I wondered if I suicided, who would grieve or who wouldn't? Who would be the person I would expect to know and who would let me down? It's odd, thinking about these things with a smile on my face and the rain in my eyes.

Other than that, my dad's been talking about making me visit a holistic healer. Nothing makes you feel better than your family thinking you're cracked in the head, guys.