October 12th, 2008

water seeping


  • Work has been exhausting, but the good kind of exhausting. I've also become a lot better dealing with the kids and their moods.
  • Read Bride of the Water God. Love the characters, still iffy about the way the story is plotted, but the pretty art makes up for it.
  • Re-Read Lies of Locke Lamora. Felt my heart break. But Locke/Jean are still adorable beyond compare.
  • Also re-read Children of Dune for future play at neotopia. Realized that Frank Herbert sucks at foreshadowing of any kind.  </lj>
  • Searching for universities in the US to apply to in spring. My big choice is California's School of Arts since they have a lot more financial aid than the others I've seen.
  • Started on my counselor app. I WILL SUCCEED!!!
  • I kinda want to pimp Tokage because so far, I don't think anyone really likes it which makes me sad since the art is gorgeous and the characters are really fantastic. Plus, there's a sadistic lesbian who faints when men touch her. A+++
  • Watched Eureka! WOW what an adorable geeky sci-fi show. I am in love <3
  • Already started working on my springkink prompts. Two and a half down, eight more to go!</lj>
  • I want to app somewhere. Not CFUD, but probably micro or neotopia. I just haven't decided who and I want to venture out of my confort zone with characters.
  • It's hilarious to find fans nearby. Recently, I found two fans of my grandfather's poetry. I wonder in the future, will that happen to me?
  • Recommend me canons! I feel the urge to try something new
  • Downloaded the original Star Wars: A New Hope. I just realized how much I knew from heart, despite it being a while since I've seen it.
  • I still love Mark Hamill :(
  • I need to write Supernatural tampon fic. And the Supernatural/Avatar crossover. Lazy, thy name is Timmy.
  • I'm beginning to love life again. It's tricky, but like I said. I bounce back.
water seeping

My brother lies. I still cannot quote speed racer by heart.


Also the special features akshda;lsdhas;dj TAEJO DOING THE MOONWALK, THE NINJA EXPERT, SPRITLE ACTING LIKE SOLID SNAKE, THE AMOUNT OF WORLD BUILDING AND LOGOS AND SO ON alhskdalsdkhasldkhas the sheer love and detail IS AMAZING.




I also rented Supernatural season three so if I am on the internet, KICK ME INTO FINISHING IT.