October 16th, 2008

water seeping

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  • neotopia started today! I PLAYED LETO ATREIDES HOMG
  • I also have a Paul! HOMG
  • And there's a Locke Lamora! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!
  • Also picked up Reyson at microcosm_rp . God, he's so tsun and cute. I want to cuddle him.
  • I'm slowly picking myself back in CFUD. I'm no longer the SPAMHO I used to be, but I'm at a manageable pace.
  • Playing in three different RPs with three different play styles and mannerisms, have given me a lot to think about in RPs in general. It's...an enlightening experience.
  • Still sick. Blegh.
  • I love you all. <3