November 28th, 2008

water seeping

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So. I don't know how everyone is up with the news but. Bombay recently got hit by a terrorist attack and a good deal of it got bombed and a lot of people, killed.

This is my hometown. I grew up there. And while we've always had the worst of the worst hit us (riots, bans, strikes, floods, attacks, etc), I've always thought Bombay to be... almost invincible and able to stand up to anything. Even the train bombings didn't feel so horrible.

I... don't have pleasant memories of Bombay. I spent most of my life being ostracized by my school because I was a Christian, didn't speak hindi well, didn't care about what everyone else cared about. No matter how secular we may boast India is, we really are the most hypocritical and ruthless bunch of people I know.

And yet, this is my town. It used to be my home. I left it behind, purposefully because eventually, Bombay would have killed me. Hell, India would have killed me. I don't have any friends there, and if I did, they probably all left now. But that doesn't mean the people, my people, deserved this.

I don't know. It makes me really sad and I feel really guilty as a person because I'm not even an Indian anymore. I'm a Singaporean.