December 6th, 2008

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fahrenheit is coming to Singapore *_*

I would love to go, but I would be. The only Indian there who doesn't know a word of Chinese. S-Sob. But JIRO WANG!!! 

Sob I wish I knew someone who would go with me. 
water seeping

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Ahhh life. It's good to be back with you again.
  • About three days ago, I saved two clueless Indian visitors in Singapore. They were missionaries. I regretted it. "YOU KNOW AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE JESUS" "....oh look my bus is here bye!"
  • I watched the first episode of Michiko to Hatchin! I can see the Cowboy Bebop vibes but I'm still not sunk yet. 
  • Astrocity I love you.
  • Probably going to take from RPing. Or something. I AM UNDECIDED
  • I. I love my new icons a lot.
  • I admit guys, I suck at the whole christmas postcards thing. So I didn't comment to any since I'd feel bad. S-Sorry?
I had more relevant deep thoughts to add, but I forgot them on the way home from the library.
water seeping

Sick of my updates yet?

SO lunatunes is having a theme for which I ACTUALLY have music for! Shocking! 

Pokemon - Tears of Life
Oh the first movie. With Ash dying. Who didn't cry when they saw that in their early childhood?

Joe Hisaishi - The Sixth Station
This is a very strong, melacholic song, quite unlike Hisaishi's normal style, but god, it does make me feel all teary inside.

Toshiyuki O'Mori - Wounds
Ahhh the plonking of piano keys is like the plonking heart?

Yann Tiersen - Summer 78
Baw on cue, guys. Baw on cue

Yoko Kanno - tokyo.sora medley

This is what I imagine the song of my life to play. Something so bittersweet and joyous and yet, so soft and painful towards the end.

Tactics - Sadame

I love this track. It's from the Tactics OST which is an amazing OST, but this track. G-God this track.

America - The Last Unicorn (Acoustic)

This song breaks my heart in so many ways.

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

When I was a child, my parents played this song. And I started to cry. I still have no clue as to WHY but I did.

Akira Yamanaoke - Theme of Laura (Reprise)
Beautifully haunting, just the style of the famed Silent Hill composer

Mushishi - Ri(Kotowari)
That song that seems to justify everything you've been through, with a note of sadness

lisa - Requiem ~Inori~
I may not care much for the Trinity Blood anime, but god this songs rings deep.

Taku Iwasaki - Living Sin
I LIKE THE RK SPECIAL no matter what anyone else says. Though, I may be biased because of it's fantastic, yet emotional soundtrack.

Kiyoura Natsumi - Tabi no Touchuu
What is it about this song that seems to make my heart clench? I don't know how to phrase it, but it's just. beautiful.

Sailor Moon - Sad Sailor Saturn Theme (Violin)

So, old songs from my childhood still make me cry. WHAT OF IT.

Comment if you're downloading!