December 11th, 2008

water seeping

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  • O Avatar!movie cast. I think you're brilliant. (Twilight and Jesse McCartney guys. Tell me that's not a winning combination)
  • I made my kids watch Speed Racer today! I am awesome.
  • I GOT MY SPN DVDS~~~~ copious amounts of my time will now be divided into work / rp / SPN~~~
  • rhymed  is amazing
  • I've taken to browsing SPN fics in the night, which was not such a smart thing to do. Not because they're bad but SPN by nature makes me cry a lot.
  • I still want to know why there is no comm for Casshern Sins :(
  • Ah racism. You're another hilarity in my life. And considering my background, I'm like the worst kind of contradiction out there.
  • My lecturer thinks I'm married. I told her politely otherwise.
Lately, I haven't done much of self-reflection, something I feel I should be making a habit out of, if I ever want to overcome my emotional dunderheadness. All in due time, I suppose.