December 16th, 2008

water seeping

My kids and speed racer

Kid: That's the lousy one
Me: Who?
Kid: That one! [points to Racer X]
Me: ... But what about this one? [points to Speed]
Kid: He's better
Me: 8D

Kid: I dream about this movie!
Me: ... ♥

Kid: What is this movie called?
Me: ...Speed Racer
Kid: Why?
Me: It'
Kid: Why?
Me: ..............................

Me: BOY A please stop kissing boy b during the movie!
Kid: But I like him.
Me: ...That's nice. But he wants to watch the movie.
Kid: Awww.

Yes guys. In my school, boykissing is a common occurence.

water seeping


Me: Dear brain, I was actually rather happy today. So why am I depressed?
Brain: Well. You're working your ass off. Your lecturer keeps dumping more. Your mother is pushing off to see your grandparents, leaving you with your brother and your father. And you know how you feel about your father being in charge.
Me: But I love my dad.
Brain: [pointed look]
Me: Okay. Yeah, we have issues.
Brain: You also got to stop listening to angsty music before bedtime.