July 20th, 2009

water seeping

okay okay. This is a judge me post.

I'm really, really glad demurediablo is here when the G.I Joe movie comes out because I think I am possibly  the only person in the world who is super excited for this movie for no real good reason other than the explosion of my little geeky nostalgic heart and--omg they actually added in Duke's scar!!! You know.

Stuff like that.


Even if you're not a G.I Joe fan and even if you don't want to watch the movie, I think everyone should at least give G.I Joe Resolute a chance. It's a web episode of 11 parts and basically they took out every corny and ridiculous thing about G.I Joe ever and made into pure fucking awesome. It was also written by Warren Ellis who knows ZILCH about GI JOE but c'mon guys. Warren Ellis.

Also everything starts exploding within the first fifteen seconds and a major city is like WIPED OFF THE FACT OF THE WORLD WITHIN THREE MINUTES!! It also comes with amazing Snake Eyes backstory with Storm Shadow and I truly believe that Snake Eyes is the one character in GI JOE no one can hate because he's a mute LETHAL NINJA MACHINE who can be a total puppy.

And everyone remembers guns exist! NO MORE LASERS AND PARACHUTES!! (shut up you guys this is an important point)

BUT ANYWAY WATCH GI JOE RESOLUTE IT'S SHORT IT'S SHINY IT'S GOT EXPLOSIONS ALL THE TIME and idk I'd love you a lot if someone else watched this and liked it too (or understood my deep love for Duke. I'm not picky!)

ALSO IN THE MOVIE GAILA IS SCARLETT HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! also man Brendan Fraser why are you a GI JOE that's hilarious.

water seeping

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All new low with work and studies.

I have reached it.

Middleman cure my emo while I see if I can salvage my life that is falling apart.