September 3rd, 2009

water seeping

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I love being a god emperor on the internet.

I love being able to babble about Dune and go on and on and on and DID I MENTION I have like three essays to write on Leto? YEAH.

I love making fun of it.

I also love reading Dune slash which is possibly the most hilarious fanfiction I have read in a very long time. (I love how romantic Leto is, which strikes me as amazing since Leto has all the romantic tendencies of a  doorknob and still manages to possesses enough deep feeling and love for the people around him. And this could probably be another essay in itself!!).

Now I really just want someone to app from Dune. I will take a Ghanima, a Farad'n, a Rabban, a Feyd'Rautha, a Duncan Idaho, Paul and Chani, Jessica, Baron Harkonnen REALLY ANYONE!!

Though I might possibly cry if someone apped from the David Lynch movie.