October 3rd, 2010

water seeping

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- omg Legally Blonde has a shaven, douchey Matt Davis! I couldn't stop laughing. Also, the gay pool boy was called Salvatore. I'm easily amused.

- This is my new favourite Star Trek video ever. I just. Can't breathe.

- I have two more weeks of school and then I get ~holidays~. What a glorious concept.

- I'm actually doing more writing now! I think it's due to the fact I lack time. Oh time, I will never take you for granted again.

- di(e)ce ended! ... Weirdly, but hey, HARUKI WAS OKAY and that's my main priority. You can dub me worst fan ever now

- Speaking of fandoms, I wish the TVD fandom possessed more brains. Sometimes, they can be intelligent! But that is so rare and unprecedented, it frustrates me.

- I read a bit of the True Blood books where Eric was cuddling Sookie. There goes my badass image of him. Also, apparently they glow? Seriously?

- Still digging Community and Big Bang Theory and TVD, despite fandom's stupidity, has been stellar. I am so in love with this show it terrifies me sometimes.

- Studies are going on well. You know what irritates me? Being smart. Yes. Because I can't show it or prove it in an asian context. So I bow my head and it stays, even when I talk to people online. Dual mentalities. Multiculturalism has its drawbacks.