December 2nd, 2010

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Man, I haven't updated this in ages! But honestly, the same goes for my LJ. I could blame Plurk or Twitter, but truthfully, full-time work keeps me busy enough that I just don't care for updating.

Anyway, trying to make a decent effort into the foray of blogging once more. Now, with holidays and a job, I have a little more freedom with my life than I did a year ago. For one, my book collection has increased greatly!

Books I have picked up:

Territory by Emma Bull - I really enjoy Emma Bull's style of writing. She could make me read anything. But this was pretty enjoyable! Set before the events of OK Corral (which I knew nothing about btw. My American history is atrocious). It has magical cowboys and honestly, who doesn't love that.

Moriarty by John Gardener - The name might be familiar to some people. Gardener penned the James Bond novels, but Moriarty was pretty disappointing. There were some interesting moments of POV where he killed and replaced his older brother, but Sherlock wasn't mentioned at all and I found Idle Jack and the plot pretty tedious.

The Omnibus Guide to Star Trek Novels - I'm a trekkie now. Shut up.

Metaphysics of Star Trek - LIKE I SAID SHUT UP.

Fantasy Stories, picked by Dianne Wynn Jones - Interesting stuff! And it gave me some more books to look up later.

Stefan's Diaries: Origins - omg it's like Julie Plec trying to write het fanfic and failing really hard at it. STEFAN'S HEART QUICKENING AT THE SIGHT OF HIS BROTHER!!! I enjoyed it, though I'll toss out bits and parts to fit with the TV canon.

Haven't read yet

Magician by Raymond E. Feist - Haven't read his stuff before. Will do so tomorrow.

The Lost Language of Cranes by David Leavitt - My first real lgbt novel! I have high hopes for it.