January 11th, 2011

Your choice of entertainment sucks

(no subject)

- I hate my uni guys. Worst communication skills ever.

- Finally saw Megamind! GUYS IT IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE I DON'T EVEN. Also I want Roxanne Richi to have my babies.

- Work has started and I'm no longer working with little kids! Which is a bit of a downer because my kids are now thirteen and at the age where I wish to strangulate them (one of them is like. A living Joker. I KID YOU NOT). I can never get why people think little kids are worse than bigger ones. THIS IS A FALSE SUPPOSITION.

- Also finished watching Panty and Stocking! Which I enjoyed! But I doubt it'll ever be my favourite thing. GREAT RUSH THOUGH.

- Got the complete discography of Richard Cheese. Beat It in Lounge never sounded so ... sultry.

- All in all, life got busy again and I'm missing freedom.