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Hank, say something!

So, Heroes has the Petrelli brothers, Supernatural has the Winchester brothers and Justice  League Unlimited?

Justice League Unlimited
has Hank and Don AKA Hawk and Dove.

I want more episodes of them. There's only one I know of, but that episode is golden. XD

Hank: Nice mess here Don
Don: Talk to them! You speak Neanderthal?
Hank: ...I think they're done talking...

Don: This is ridiculous. Just because I disagree with you, doesn't make unpatriotic.
Neanderthal with cap: No. You being a bleeding heart punk makes you unpatriotic.
Hank: I've got to agree with him there.
Don: [GLARE]

Don: [pleads] Hank! Say something!
Hank: [punch]
Don: ...
Hank: Preemptive strike.

Dove: Oh you so wanted to do this.
Hawk: Don't blame me! You're the one who couldn't keep your trap shut.

but, but, Hawk is incredibly sweet and overly protective of Dove. :D

Hawk: Let go! He's weak! He'll get himself killed! DDD:

Afterwards, though -

Dove: See? Doesn't this prove what I've been saying for years?
Hawk: Couldn't tell you. I do my best not to listen.
Dove: What? DDD:

I really need to find the comics now. XD
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