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I got some transformers icons. JOY AND HAPPINESS.

Also, some post-Transformers rambling goes here. Lj-cut for spoilers.

  • The reason I confused Hotshot with Bumblebee in the movie is because Bumblebee was a Volkswagen Beetle originally. And he wasn't yellow.  BUT I STILL LOVE HIM ANYWAY.
  • "One shall rise, one shall fall". I half expected Stan Bush's "The Touch" to start playing at this point.
  • Hugo Weaving was Megatron. IT FIT HIM SO WELL.
  • Smokescreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
  • Starscreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaam
  • The little mini-con was called Frenzy. I liked him.
  • Like, half the Autobot dialogue was taken from the original. As were the Autobots/Decepticon sound effects.
  • Apparently a lot of people didn't like the realistic camera angles. I did. Was I the only one?
  • LOL Transformers Theme song on the OST rocks.
  • I DEMAND TO SEE HOTSHOT, BLURR, SIDESWIPE, JETFIRE, DEMOLISHER, THRUST (...I can't take this name seriously anymore) and most of all OMNITRON in the next movie.
  • Nemesis!Optimus Prime would be totally cool too.

Also, one reason why people should watch Transformers Armada.


Seriously. There's an episode where Jetfire and Starscream were handcuffed together. Easily one of my favourite episodes. (that and the time Megatron decided to play "Hunt the Sideways" XD)

So far, life has been more hectic since my dad came back and I need to get Canadian Visa stuff done. Which reminds me.

Who on my F-List lives in Canada (particularly anywhere close to Vancouver?). Thanks!
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