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DC has finally sunk its claws into me.

Drabble fics. 'Cause I need to fic. Bad.

Title: For a Price
Fandom: Justice League (based on the episode #A Better world)
Pairing: ...I have a weakness to Batman/Flash ever since this episode. I REGRET NOTHING. And um, Batman/Batman!Justice Lord? HAWT. (I'm a terrible person really)

Actual conversation -

[Batman!Justice Lord leaves]
Batman: I think he likes you.
Flash: Must be my magnetic personality.

He knew he was staring. It had only been two years. Two years were long enough. Nobody forgot, but nobody really remembered either. For what it's worth, Batman always remembered.

The smaller details hadn't mattered.

Seeing the physical manifestations of their former selves made him wary. They were 'a' potential future. A future 'they', the Justice Lords wanted to protect. They didn't know how lucky they were to still have--

The Flash. Everything fell apart with the Flash. The death of Luthor, the insanity of Superman, the bitter twinge in the Green Lantern's shoulder and the hushed whispers that lingered around them.

But right now, the Flash was 'alive'. That very thought was fascinating. Just watching him talk, just seeing him breathe. The very atmosphere felt charged with hope.


Odd. He normally wasn't so sentimental.

He touched the screen gently. The Flash hadn't moved since he left the cell.

This was for the best. The Flash would live.

Flash would live

Title: The Man Who Took Everything
Fandom: Justice League (based on #The Man who has everything)
Pairing: Batman/Superman. CRACK.

"You're not going to ask?" Superman said, wearily as he sorts out his belongings in the rubble. Wonder Woman had sustained heavy injuries, so she left in her jet. Batman had stayed, cleaning up the mess Mongul had caused.

"If I asked, I would have to reply to return," Batman said, "And I rather not. Unless you want to talk about it."

"Nothing gets past you does it?" Superman muttered, smiling as Batman handed him another particle blaster, "It was everything I dreamed of."

"Wasn't that the point?" Batman said sarcastically, "The Black Mercy was supposed to give you everything you wanted."

"If that's the case," Superman asked as he sat down, "Why did I leave? The son I never had, the father I lost and the wife I never knew...Why did I give it up?"

"You should know the answer to that, not me. I'm not a mind reader," Batman said brusquely, "Pass me that broom."

"I do. But tell me what you think. You also suffered under the Black Mercy."

"Not as long as you did," Batman said, sweeping the corner, "Are you going to clean or not?"


"Clark," Batman said, "Happy Birthday."

"You said that to change the topic!"

"Did it work?" Now Batman was smirking slightly and Superman found himself smiling back in return.

"Yes, unfortunately," Superman scratched his head, "Where did I put the duster?"

"You left it in the Hall of Weapons," Batman said absently.

"Of course," Superman snapped his fingers and like the Flash, he was back in seconds.

"If you're still hung over your dream, I think you came back because you knew better," Batman said, "But what do I know?"

"I know that I only got out because someone was shouting at me loudly," Superman said slightly mockingly, "Constantly saying 'Clark! Fight it!'"

"Probably Wonder Woman," Bruce said quickly.

"Of course," Superman said, raising an eyebrow at him, "Because Wonder Woman would call me Clark."

"I rather not ask how a woman's mind works Clark," Batman said, "Now, are you helping me clean this?"

"Of course."

More later.

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