Yeah i know. the ballet move by vamp. its cool its not gay. male Russians who do ballet does it
For your edification, Princess Tutu is not gay. Except. I can't speak for Aotoa and his obsession with Fakir, or Mytho not wearing pants or Fakir and--

I'll stop now.

That trailer isn't loading fast enough for my taste. Argh, I can't wait for the game to finally hit the shelves~~~!
I saw it~ And it just serves to remind me of how out of touch I am with the story. Sheesh... I had to stop and think, "Liquid? Whatever happened to him earlier?" Time to Wikipedia. XDDD

But the fight between Raiden and Vamp was sooo cool. A little gay, but cool. XD
have you seen Ivy's heels in soul Caliber? those things are scary
Only problem is, who do I steal it from? I don't think I know anybody with a Gamecube anymore.
you've got
a PS3
and an Xbox 360
you don't need the gamecube unless you're fixated on Link's ass or something
I'm always fixated on Zelda. XD

The PS3 has issues with PS2 games.

Also, Xbox doesn't have Soul Caliber.
does too
has soul calibur 2
it was an all system release
xbox got spawn who was the best of the extra characters