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Fandom - EarthSea
Pairing - None. Ged and Ogion rambling
Notes - I envisioned this fic in my head.

"Enter," Ogion said.

Ged pushed the door open quietly and with long strides, seated himself at the side of his Master's bed.

Ogion smiled and said, "Three marks the time you have walked back here of your own accord. Tell me, are you still a fool?"

"I have always been a fool Master," Ged replied, "People just haven't realized it yet."

"Your students at Roke will be crushed," Ogion said, his voice rumbling like the earthquake he silenced.

"They will have to manage without me," Ged said, "Just as I have managed without you."

"No one can lean on their master for long. Greater things called for you. And you went hunting," Ogion paused and reached for his staff. His fingers brushed against the wood like a father's touch.

"I have no power in me," Ged said, noting the gesture, "I left it in that land."

Ogion did not answer.

"The King?" Ogion asked finally.

"In his throne," Ged's black eyes warmed, "I chose well."

"The tide is coming in," Ogion said, "Lend me an arm Ged."

They strolled down to the beach. Already, the sun's light was fading like dragonfire. Ged felt his Master tremble.

"I have not told you my True Name," his master said, "Do you want it now?"

Ged faltered before speaking, "I have no need for it."

Ogion gave him a sharp glance of appraisal, "No. You have always known my True Name. Nevertheless, I will let you hear it from my own lips."

"Master, the tide is--,"

Ogion pulled Ged's ear gently and whispered. Ged closed his eyes. Ogion smiled and strode into the water. Ged watched as his master kept walking deeper, the water receding from his path. In that moment, Ged believed his master was walking on water. But the moment left him and all that was left was the burn of dragonfire on the water.


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