water seeping


I can manage opacity.

I can do transparency on my videos.

I know how to cut out subtitles.

I know how to do fancy shmancy video/audio effect.

Yet, with the new Adobe Photoshop I have, I can't even make a simple 100 x 100 icon.

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Adobe Photoshop is the standard, professional digital artist's tool. You learn by looking at tutorials, mucking around and dipping into a lot of online resources. You and I are not Viola, though I'd give your artistry skills more credit than mine, so it's just going to take a little time. Did you see my first attempts? I still make bad icons, but I make some good ones too. I frequently encounter 'simple' icons that I just can't seem to make work. Whatever. Learn, use us!

Come over.

What exactly are you having trouble with anyway? What are you trying to do?
I know it is. I also know it's a matter of time. Adobe Premiere also used to run me around in circles before I figured out how to use it.


Well, I'm trying to cut and paste onto an edited workspace?