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things I've learned of recently

So, Code Geass has been licensed by BANDAI.

This is surprisingly taken very calmly because -

  • I know it will still be subbed. And subbed well.
  • OMG DUB Voices! I expect everyone to sound incredibly British! 8D
  • DVDS. [loves]
  • I-I'll be in Canada when the TV series hits the screen. I-I will be able to watch it!
  • Because this is Code Geass and not Death Note, fans are taking it rather well.
Other than that, delayed reaction! I don't care. I just need to watch the last two episodes and the second season.

ON HP7 -


  • Aizen and Voldemort  plot to take over the world! [shock!]
  • Ichigo is transferred to Hogwarts
  • Grimmjaw is the new Defense of Dark Arts teacher.
  • Grimmjaw is hitting on Ichigo [what's new]
  • Harry Potter is secretly a Shinigami
  • Hollows invade Hogwarts.
  • Dumbledore can use the force
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Code Geass has been licensed? Ah, I was hoping to watch it online but was too lazy to do so. I think I'd better watch it soonish or something.

BTW, a spoiler-free idea of what the anime is abt? I'd try Wiki if not for the possible spoilers there.
YOU SHOULD. Actually, I had listed all the downloads over here.

Spoiler-free = Britannia has conquered Japan and taken over its rights. A youth with a score to settle gains a mysterious power and hopes to destroy Britannia.

[It's much cooler than I make it sound really]
So? So what? [is lost]

YES YOU DO. I can't describe it adequately enough (other than it's a cross of Ouran + Death Note + Gundam + CLAMP)